A downloadable Demo for Windows

A quirky rpg game inspired by the likes of Earthbound, Undertale, and OFF. Made as a bit of a free-form experiment with no real direction or proper planning. Things were just kinda made on the fly.

Join Square Legs, a square with legs in a strange world, on his quest to return back to his home planet. Along the way he will encounter plenty of quirky characters and not so friendly faces. Each character is jam packed with personality, from the simplest low level enemies to the final boss to the random shopkeeper on the corner. Lots of humour (((or attempts at humour)))) are to be found in this game.

Strategize in a old school battle system reminiscent of Earthbound and early Final Fantasy games. Use unique magic attacks and special moves to defeat your enemies.

Read lots of poorly written dialouge, with such classic zingers as: "I'm breakin a leg, specifically, your legs!" and "No you silly billy!"

Cringe at the playfully plastered pixel pictures thrown about willy knilly, with weird wacky neon and pastel colors galore.

Listen to boppin' chiptune music, the only good part of this game, contributed generously by my Brother Simon Brown, also known as "AKidCalledPurple" https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oh3wx0zq7kgPWBXd3nNCM

Play the game and expierience the miracle for yourself. The incredible amazing


or don't

nobody plays these stupid games anyway.



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